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3 Non-Beauty Uses of Cotton Pads

Posted at 16:38h in AllHealth by admin

They have more significance than you realise

Your round fluffy cotton pads and cotton balls have more potential than just wiping off your makeup or nail colours. Although the traditional use of facial cotton pads and cotton balls is as the name suggests, for your face, the definition needs to change. Organically grown cotton used for skin makes it highly absorbent and soft. It removes excess oil, dirt and pollution giving you a radiant look. Apart from that, what can these fluffy friends of yours do?

1. Cleaning cuts and wounds:

First-aid is a must in every home. Cotton pads can help clean wounds and apply antiseptics without any fuss. Precot cotton balls and pads are lint-free and highly absorbent making them the best choice for first-aid.

2. Eye-mask: Dip your cotton pad in rose water, squeeze excess and put the cotton pads on your eyelids for 20 minutes. Listen to calming music while you’re at it. This reduces stress, lightens dark circles and gives you that much-needed break!

3. Deodorizer: Dip Precot a highly absorbent cotton ball in your favourite essential oil and put the cotton ball wherever you find stinky. Be it the car, the closet, the shoe cabinet or even the trash bin. This neutralizes odors of all kinds.

Make the most of your prima donna round cotton pads!

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