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5 Major Reasons to Use Cotton Pads!

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Get to know your Face Cleansing Pads

While we are all eating, working, and living from our homes, it is time to reflect upon the choices we make. Slow down to understand why we do what we do. 

New skincare routines started emerging from all over the beauty industry and took over the media. The goal of skincare is to purify, cleanse, rejuvenate and keep the skin looking youthful. The collective of these results in providing even skin tone, healthy glow and an even surface for makeup application.

A major player in your skincare routine is facial cotton pads, which are often underestimated. These can be used from makeup removal to exfoliation. The gentleness of cotton is intensified by making a comfortable pad that is microbiologically tested and hypoallergenic. 

One must also look for Lint Free cotton pads to keep their skin safe from being harshly rubbed. This could result in breakouts and uneven texture. 

Let us look into the goodness of cotton and its importance in your skincare routine:

1. Hygiene over everything!

100% Cotton Pads have an excellent absorbing capacity and hence can provide better cleaning or application of the products. Nearly everything we put on our skin should be squeaky clean! (Even your make-up brushes!) Organically grown cotton helps keep microbes away and when your makeup remover pads made from these are packed well, there is nothing that can get to your skin. 

2. Gentle Exfoliation!

Our skin is on a constant loop of regenerating new skin and leaving out dead skin. The dead cells can be removed with gentle exfoliating cotton pads. These shall purify pores of any dirt and pollution to make your skin radiant!

3. Clean your Baby up!

Dry baby wipes for your little ones are a must! Yes, our gentle cotton pads are so silky and light that you can use the same cotton pads to clean your baby up! These eco-friendly baby wipes can be used to pat dry the skin on an infant’s face and bum without having to worry about scratches and acne. 

4. Are your products sustainable?

Face cleansing pads might need a huge amount of energy to produce, but our sustainable product has you covered! No guilty feeling for using products that are degradable or green! Read about sustainability standards here.

5. Refining skin while you apply your toner? 

Is your skin dry, not exfoliated or sunburned? This could lead to uneven skin tone and rough texture. Smoothing it out can be easy with 100% cotton cleansing pads.

While some cotton pad producers might not think about their social responsibility, Precot strengthens its strong foundations on it! We give back to society in two ways. One by being environmentally aware and the other by offering educational funding. 

This renders your simple skincare routine with a noble deed!

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