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Facial Cotton Pads for Men?

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Improving Skincare and Makeup for hunks!

Men, hunks, dudes, all have turned to Sephora, in the search of a perfect foundation shade!

Skincare has become the most important component of men’s grooming sessions. Well-hydrated, radiant-looking skin is a dream for most men out there. 

Makeup and no-makeup makeup looks are being taught on social media platforms. The classic GQ magazine also has columns dedicated to skincare for men.

Dark circles? Get a concealer.

Dry skin? Buy a moisturizing lotion!

Groomed beard? Get yourself a beard cream!

We know you guys are taking your skin and hair seriously enough for the brands to create more products. What you do need to understand is that your skin can only take so much! There are zits, blackheads, oily patches and roughness. If at the end of the day you are going to bed with your makeup on, you are doing more harm than you realise. 

Cleanser, Toner, Mostituriser! This is the secret mantra to healthy glowing skin. Using a fresh cotton pad to remove makeup has its own benefits. 100% Cotton Pads have natural fibres that cleanse your pores without sucking out excess natural oils. One can also apply toner with the help of a cotton pad or cotton ball. This makes sure that the product spreads evenly and can be absorbed thoroughly. 

Skin exfoliation also needs to be done on a weekly basis to scrub off dead skin cells. Men’s scrubs are harsh and can create microscopical cuts on the surface of your skin. If you feel irritation or itchiness after using your regular scrub, understand that this scrub is not for you.  Precot has a solution for this too! For a gentler exfoliation of your skin, you can reach out for exfoliating pads. These pads have textures on both sides, one being coarser than the other. These are microbiologically tested, free from plastic beads and do not produce lint.

Makeup Removal Tips for You:

1. Use Micellar water or a Makeup remover.

2. Use good quality cotton pads.

3. To remove mascara, dip a cotton bud in your remover and gently work your lashes.

4. Wash gently with a good quality cleanser after making removal.

5. Follow up by a hydrating moisturizer!

These small tips can take your skincare routine to whole another level! Try Prima Donna cotton pads, cotton balls, exfoliating pads to ensure that no bacteria touches your skin. Using hands is ok, but there is a risk of transferring the germs from your palms and under-nails to your skin. Stay tuned for such great tips and tricks and all things skincare!

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