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Facial Cotton Pads for Men?

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Looking beyond basic grooming

Skincare and makeup for men have been a thing for ages. From Egyptian pharaohs kohl liners to early 2000s guy liners, men have been keen on grooming. 

Even though this was relatively side-lined by the women’s skincare and beauty side of the industry, it has made a huge comeback and is blooming! This emerging disruptor is set to grow into $18.92 Billion by 2027  as stated in the Grand Review Search Reports! Demand for sunscreen, face wash and cleansers is out washing the demand for after-shave kits. 

Makeup products like primer, toner, moisturizer, BB/CC cream are being dished out with men as their new target audience. Skincare too is expanding parallelly. While this is growing, men need to understand the importance of using the right products for their skin. Makeup and skincare are fairly new for men and hence if overdone can harm the skin in the long run. This is where our advice comes in!

To apply the toner evenly and take off that glamorous makeup after a long day, using just a tissue won’t do any good. Stripping the natural oil off your skin can lead to irritation, dry and itchy skin, discolouration, clogged pores and even acne!

A wipe with a 100% cotton facial pad takes away excess oil, dirt, pollution and any product residue effectively. Cleaning with such hypoallergenic cotton pads and cotton balls will reduce the signs of ageing like dark spots and wrinkles. Male skin is 20% thicker hence there is more production of dead skin cells. Unattended dead cells will accumulate overtime to hide the glowing skin beneath.

We recommend the brand Prima World. It has the best quality cotton exfoliating pads to soften the old skin and bring out the glow from within! What can you ask more when these cotton exfoliating pads are biodegradable so no need to worry about the environmental deterioration on your side.


Uses of cotton products for skincare:

1. Blot your Precot cotton facial pad with your favourite makeup remover and wipe your stress off!

2. Use a cotton pad to apply toner without missing a spot!

3. Apply a mask by mixing a ripe banana, yogurt and honey. Leave it for 15 minutes before wiping it off with our cotton facial pads!

4. Pour some green tea onto your highly absorbent cotton pads and squeeze the excess. Now put this on your eyes, sit back, and relax!

YouTube is full of skincare routines to inspire you and get you started. Make skincare your priority and look your best! Remember, your skin is a reflection of what you are inside. Reach out for Prima Donna cotton pads, balls and exfoliation pads and get your routine started!

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