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100% cotton products for adults and babies Superlative ingredients and technology for an enriched experience 100% Chemical Free, Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically Tested
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100% Cotton
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Chemical Free
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Lint Free
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100% Biodegradable
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Microbiologically Tested

Our Most Loved Products

#1 Best Seller

Prima Donna

Enjoy your daily beauty routine with Prima Donna Round Cotton Pads. Use of 100% fine natural cotton fibres result in soft texture, the stitched edges prevent loose fibres, providing a fine cleansing experience!

It is chemical free, lint free & dermatologically tested – Making it the right choice for every skin type.

Used for cosmetic & medical purposes, they are perfect for face cleansing, toner application, nail polish removal, face pack removal and other hygiene purposes

Group 301
Nail Polish
Group 307
Correcting Make-Up Applications
Group 220
Cleaning Delicating Skin

Prima Baby

Protect your baby’s delicate skin with soft and gentle Prima Baby Cotton Pads. While you cleanse your baby multiple times a day, the cotton pads’ 100% fine natural cotton fibres & chemical free property make it the best choice for a rash free skin!


These are hypoallergenic & dermatologically tested, making it appropriate for new borns too!


Best for sponging, nappy change cleansing.

Group 240
Dip the pad
in water
Group 241
Pad Ready
to Use
Group 242
Squeeze the
Extra Water


The best cotton pads i have ever used. They are strong and the fibres don't stick to your skins. Its has a consistency of a wipe rather cotton and consumes the right amount of toner / makeup remover avoiding wastage .

-Sheetal Kulkarni

I love it alot, it's a proper cotton pad to helps our removing makeup applying toner correcting make up application etc..

- Sneha Mitra

The cotton pads are thick smooth and perfect for you face .The packaging is pretty and they are easy to carry .These cotton rounds are soft, absorbent and capable of cleaning without leaving lint behind.

- Aparna

The packaging is cute , the material of the pads is soft and nice ! Feels good on the face ..:) in all a good product

- Shraddha

Our Ethos

Sustainability & Innovation are at the core of all our products. The choice of materials and how they are manufactured are the two main ways by which our innovation teams can influence the environmental footprint of our products. We carefully manage the way we use resources, to reduce, mitigate and, in the case of carbon emissions, neutralise our footprint wherever possible.

Green Energy

We use up to 12.25 MW of energy produced from our 17 windmills, 7.5 MW of energy produced from natural gas and energy conserving systems built throughout our manufacturing unit.

Ethically Sourced Material

We raise awareness about sustainable cotton products in order to make organic cotton a mainstream choice across all segments. This in turn helps the cotton farms, their farming ecosystem and their communities.

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About Us

The most trusted brand for cotton products in India. Backed by 6 decades of innovation focussed on delivering the best consumer experience

We take pride in use of technology at our factories that aid green energy. Use of windmills, effective waste management system, use of 3M methods to reduce resource wastage and more…

Sustainability is one of the core principles on which our entire business process is built. Entire lifecycle of our products from raw material sourcing to packaging, incorporate technology that aid in products that are sustainable

Constant innovation is our pillar of success. Resulting in many patented products that lead to not only a fine consumer experience but also aids in effective environment protection