Powered by Superior, Sustainable Ingredients

We prioritize both certified-organic and wild-harvested ingredients, and we take sourcing seriously, tracing ingredients to their origins and ensuring that their cultivation and production are sustainable for the local community as well as the environment.

Sustainable cotton is grown using less chemicals and optimum water causing less harmful impact on the environment. Organically grown cotton improves soil health and the ecosystem. 20% of the cotton that we use at Prima World is organically grown.


Environmental Responsibility

Prima World embraces principles of environmental sustainability across the board. The company not only purchases Fair Trade Certified and Certified organic cotton but also focuses on achieving. Having implemented a green building strategy that includes use of green energy to power the manufacturing units. This green energy is obtained from natural gas and wind mills. Also, use biomass boilers has reduced our carbon dioxide emission by up to 675 tonnes per year. We also have an effective effluent treatment plant with a capacity to purify up to 850,000 litres per day. The treated water is used for landscape irrigation.


With the ongoing efforts, we are able to reduce operating costs as well as minimize the impact of business practices on the environment.


Sustainability Responsibility

Sustainability is one of the core principles on which our entire business process is built. From sourcing to packaging, we follow sustainable practises every step of the way. It is because we believe that our success is not just in the profit margins, but also in what we return to the environment and the people who work with us.


We follow sustainable practices in three major areas – Sourcing (Raw Material), use of green energy and eco-friendly waste management system.


Ethical sourcing of raw material, use of green energy and effective waste management system. In fact, we are currently utilizing 12.25 MW of energy produced from our 17 windmills and about 7.5 MW of energy produced from natural gas. We also follow 3M methods to reduce resource wastage.

Powered By Innovation

At Prima World we weave together sustainability and innovation to manufacture premium quality, toxin-free cotton products. An in-house research and development team ceaselessly works to serve you with better products. We have an open-minded approach towards innovative methods. We are continuously looking for innovative and sustainable solutions in cotton manufacturing. Whether it’s the use of advanced technology or high-end equipment, we have an open-mind approach cleaning and spinning, we use innovative methods to get higher quality products.


Pure. Potent. Proven.

All of our products use only the highest quality ingredients and are free of the fillers and harsh chemicals that have become ubiquitous in the beauty world. Our nourishing formulas are powered by plant-derived peptides, antioxidant-rich oils, soothing ceramides, and a myriad of other natural extracts.