Prima Donna Oval Cotton Pads

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Made of 100% cotton, these multi-layer spunlace cotton pads don’t leave any fluff when used, making them easy to use and non-messy.

It is 70×90 mm in size, making it convenient to cleanse larger surface area. Being multi-layered and made from absorbent cotton it feels soft to touch and is very skin friendly. The soft fiber gently swipes off the makeup and does not pull at your skin.

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How to use Prima World products?

Group 301
Dab some nail polish remover onto
your soft Prima Donna cotton pad.
Group 301
Correcting Make-Up
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Cleaning Delicate

Product Highlights

Group 301


Enjoy cleaning your face with luxurious oval pads that glide over your skin softly.

How to use

Prima Donna Oval Pads help remove makeup reaching all difficult corners and make your skin clean! Simply apply the makeup remover of your choice and use oval pads to wipe off the makeup!

Group 301

Group 301

Gentle cleansing

Prima Donna Oval Pads are made from chemicalfree 100% natural cotton fibre. The lint-free oval pads help cleanse your face, leaving your pores clean and your skin product free!

Nail polish removal

Use Prima Donna Oval Pads to remove nail polish and thoroughly clean your nails leaving a clean slate for new nail polish application.

Group 301


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