Prima Donna Round Cotton Pads

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Prima Donna’s Soft Round Cotton Pads are non-fleecing, chemical free, soft and gentle and can be used for all skin types. It is four-layer spunlace. The spunlace hydroentanglement makes it lint free. Our cotton pads are Hypoallergenic and microbiologically tested making them suitable for all skin types. The cotton pads are 57mm in diameter, making it perfect for facial care, makeup removal, face packs, applying lotion, toner and face cleansing. Also used for removal of nail polish.

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How to use Prima World products?

Group 301
Dab some nail polish remover onto
your soft Prima Donna cotton pad.
Group 301
Correcting Make-Up
Group 301
Cleaning Delicate

Product Highlights

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The cotton pads are made up of fine cotton fibers. These smooth textures make the pad soft and very gentle to use.

How to use

The Prima Donna Cotton Pads can be used in various ways. Wash your face with water and then use the cotton pads along with the toner. Once done, moisturize your face and spray a mist of rose water and allow the moisturizer to sink in. Lastly, apply primer and apply the makeup with the help of these cotton pads.

Group 301

Group 301

Ideal for makeup removal

The Prima Donna round cotton pads are soft because of their texture. The cotton pads are so efficient that you can remove the eye makeup easily without much hassle.

Makeup correction

This cotton pad is a very good substituent for reusable towels. The soft cotton texture of the cotton buds is ideal for the delicate skin of babies. It also helps in wiping face and makeup correction.

Group 301

Group 301

Makeup and lotion applicator

Prima Donna Round Cotton Pads is ideal for applying toner and moisturizing lotion. It also helps in applying makeup. Owing to its smooth texture it absorbs less makeup so that makeup does not get wasted.


It is non-fleecing, soft and gentle and can be used for all types of skin. The cotton buds are lint-free and can be safely
used for deep cleansing of the face.

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  • Sanaya

    Nice product to use daily for applying and removing makeup or cleaning skin. Must Try

  • dipika k

    Cotton pads are fabulous by Prima donna, great product at this price range, will order more.

  • Neha Sharma

    Soft and easy to use, prima donna cotton pad best quality product in this price range

  • Ojaswini (verified owner)

    The cotton pads feel very soft and gentle on my skin. The best part is it doesnt leave any cotton strands on my face. The price is reasonable too.

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