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What is best for your skincare, Wipes or Cotton pads?

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The makeup and skincare industry has invented marvels of all sorts. Wet wipes with scents and extracts surpassed good old cotton pads. 

But while we keep chasing the trends, do we give attention to our choices?

Whenever we take our makeup or nail polish off, we naturally reach for wipes. You say they are easy to use and convenient to carry, we say, it is the root cause of some skin problems. 

Most wipes or wet wipes for that matter have alcohol content in them, making them nearly impossibly harmful for your skin. Alcohol strips away natural moisture from your skin leaving it dry and flaky. Essentially, what it does is plays with your skin’s natural pH balance. Even though they are hygienic, wipes are loaded with chemicals and toxins that can build up in your skin layers and cause problems such as acne and discolouration. Even after you have cleansed your face with wipes, you feel the need to wash your face, because wipes don’t remove oil, dirt and pollution effectively. Wipes also can be bad for your under-eye skin because the skin right under your eyes is extremely fragile. If the cotton fibre is coarse, the wipes cleanse harshly leaving micro-cuts and dryness.

Things need to change for the better. This change comes with chemical-free, organic cotton pads. These are biodegradable quality premium pads that help remove dirt, makeup and pollution without harming your skin. 

We recommend Prima World products. They have mastered a formula to manufacture 100% cotton pads that have exfoliation properties without microbeads. This ensures soft and pure cleansing. 

The market offers reusable cotton pads although these may need frequent cleaning else the residue of sebum, makeup and dead cells can lead to acne and infections. Thus Prima Donna Cotton Pads make the best case for non-drying makeup removal, better nail polish removal and even, mess-free toner application.

These pads can also help in first-aid to stop bleeding due to their high-adsorbent capacity that comes from four-layer spunlace absorbent cotton. The cotton used here is organic hence free of chemicals and toxins thus making it excellent for baby cleanup. Messy hands and feet and be wiped off with water and Precot cotton pads.

So, wet wipes or 100% pure cotton pads?

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