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Why Should Salon Owners Turn towards Organic products?

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Organic skincare explained!

Synthetic skincare and makeup have been on the shelves for a long time. Take a moment to realise that your skin is the largest organ, if you feed it junk, you are likely to get bad results. That is what your conventional skincare and makeup products are doing. It is only at the latest that we are re-thinking our choices. Going back to our roots in a modern style is the ongoing trend.

Let us ride this new wave and turn towards organic!

Salons need to choose wisely for their customers are update and upgrade their skincare and makeup routine. In the beauty and skincare industry, staying relevant is the most difficult task of all. This means one must flow with the wind. Even better, create awareness amongst your customers about organic products that help save the environment and give long-term results. Non-organic products are full of chemicals. When overused, they create skin problems rather than solving them. The chemicals also can alter your skin’s composition in a way where it is difficult to turn back. Some conventional products also have been a major contributing factor in skin wrinkles and ageing. Once you stop using these synthetic products, you will see the results wearing off. 

Similarly, using organic and natural cotton pads, balls, exfoliating pads, and sheets are always preferred. This is because when the products are natural, the effects are lasting and when they are organic, the effects on the environment are minimal. 

Benefits of Organic Cotton Products:

1. They have no chemicals

2. These normally use natural ingredients.

3. There is no chance of infections and allergies.

4. They are durable and give better results.

5. These products help preserve the environment!

Want more? Prima Donna Cotton Pads for toner application or makeup removal uses less toner and remover! This can save your expensive products making them last you longer! Organically grown cotton is chemical and pesticide-free hence it does not produce lint and can be free of unwanted microbes. This kind of precision is needed while choosing cotton to produce facial pads and balls. Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds are used to produce this highly absorbent and soft cotton. All this is done along with compliance to quality standards and innovation! 

At Prima World we not only give you the best quality cotton products but also shoulder the responsibility of giving back to nature and society. We firmly believe in sustainability and our plants also follow the same belief.

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